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100% of all sales and donations go into a non-profit educational organization, the Institute for Accelerated Learning, Inc.

The Institute has worked with public and private schools, home-schoolers and overseas missions.

We serve children and their families of all races, religions and socio-economic status providing curriculum and instruction. Our charter includes not only educational services but provision of food, clothing and medical services such as midwifery.
 Go to jonesgeniuses.com for more information about this exciting work.

The research and writing done by Dr. Miles Jones has become a central part of the Institute’s educational outreach. The translation of the inscriptions from the base of Mount Sinai in Midian, and the resulting book The Writing of God, have provided the first physical proof of the truth of the Bible, the seminal event of the Old Testament – the Sinai Covenant! Dr. Jones’ present work, Sons of Zion versus Sons of Greece: History of the Hebrew Gospel is scheduled to be published in 2017. As a necessity of that research Dr. Jones traveled to Israel, discovered and translated the earliest ancient hand-written manuscript of the Gospels in Hebrew.
The translation of the Hebrew Gospels is not yet complete but Dr. Jones considers the effort so important he is creating an online site where anyone can go to discover what has already been translated, its analysis and importance to the transmission of the Word of God.

The discovery of a surviving Hebrew manuscript tradition of the New Testament is a huge achievement!
Transliteration and translation of the 300 plus page manuscript is an enormous task. Dr. Jones is putting together a team to work on the Hebrew Gospels Translation and Publication Project.
Anyone who has some qualification in Hebrew may inquire through the website to participate. Dr. Jones insists the release of this information cannot wait another 5 or 10 years, it needs to be made available immediately and on an on-going basis.
To do that we will need help. To my knowledge no major manuscript has ever been translated on an on-going basis using an online community translation platform.

To give you an example of the import of this new openness let’s talk about the Dead Sea Scrolls. If you were fresh out of high school when they were first discovered, you would be retirement age by the time the last documents were finally forced to be revealed amidst a huge international public outcry! That can never be allowed to happen again. If you are a believer in complete openness about ancient historical and biblical manuscripts then we are asking your help to translate the Hebrew 
Gospels and to establish a new norm.

The more donations we have the more we can do. The next project promises to be even more exciting and revelatory. Details cannot be released until we complete the current translation project. Spread the word and may you be blessed for your interest and assistance.