In 2019, Dr. Miles R. Jones uncovered several manuscripts of the New Testament written in Hebrew. They are unique, because these manuscripts have markers that indicate that they come from the original Hebrew perspective of the New Testament – not the modern Greek perspective. These manuscripts are being carefully transcribed and translated by a diverse, dedicated and talented team. What they have found has led to some interesting conversations, and this is their forum to relay their musings.

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The Mysteries: 144,000 Unveiled!

The Mysteries: 144,000 Unveiled!

The 144,000 mysteries are unveiled for such a time as this! Key verses in the Cambridge Hebrew Revelation exposes these markers.

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The Dragon, The Mark, And The Beast

In the Cambridge Hebrew Revelation (The Mysteries) we discover the identity of the dragon, the mark of the beast, and why the beast gains power!

Cambridge Revelation and Gaster 1616. Credit: Benai Emunah Institute

Revelation Revealed: The Mysteries

The mysteries of Revelation are revealed! The Cambridge Hebrew Revelation is not a translation from Greek but may be from first century source!

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Warning To America

We must be prepared for the coming days! This blog shines light on deceptions, bringing warnings and encouragement to Yehovah's people.

Deconstructing Acts 4:13

Deconstructing Acts 4:13

After speaking publicly "with boldness" under Solomon's Porch in the Temple, having quoted from Deuteronomy, Psalms, Joel, Zechariah, and referring to "all the prophets who have spoken, from Samuel and those following who have also announced these days," will John and Peter then cower before their oppressors, trembling before their "education" and "high-sounding" moralism?

Greater Exodus

Mystery of the Second Exodus Revealed in the Waldensian Bible! (Letter of Jude)

Mystery of the Second Exodus Revealed in the Waldensian Bible! (Letter of Jude) reveals hidden messages about the greater exodus!

Freedom from slavery

Mount Sinai: The Curse Broken

Mount Sinai: The Curse Broken is an extraordinary revelation of end time events with only days away before we see these great signs!

Spiritual Warfare: How to fight God's Way!

Spiritual Warfare: Fighting God's Way

Spiritual Warfare: How to Fight God's Way is part 2 of the Serpent On The Pole: Covid-19 revealing a battle plan based on scripture!

Yeshua is lifted as like the serpent on the pole

The Serpent On The Pole: Covid-19

The Serpent On The Pole: Covid-19 exposes the sin, the judgement, and healing from the Covid-19 pandemic through Yeshua.

Yehovah reveals the glory

Yehovah: His Name Reveals His Glory!

Do you have the desire to see the glory of Yehovah? A mystery in the Hebrew reveals how. For Yehovah is the Name that reveals the glory!