Exodus Tour

Never before has there been a more Biblically-relevant journey of rarely visited sights that provide unequivocal evidence of God’s Word and the greatest miracle of all time – the great Exodus!

With biblical archaeologist and ancient language historian Dr Miles Jones and Pastor Monty Judah, explore the sights and evidence of the Exodus path Jabal Al Lawz; Arabia’s Mount Sinai.

Climb the Split Rock, – examine Aaron’s Golden Calf Altar, – walk around Moses Altar at the foot of Mt Sinai, – and explore Jethro’s village caves in ancient Midian and much much more.

We have also split up the expeditions in case you are unable to complete it in its entirety. You can join us only for the Saudi Arabia or Egypt/Jordon or Israel segments of our incredible tour.

Take this adventure of a lifetime through the Lands of The Exodus!

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