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Miracles At Mount Sinai: Prophesy Unfolding

Janice Baca
Springs Of Water At Mount Sinai. Courtesy of Steve Parks.

Miracles began at Mount Sinai are continuing to this day. Furthermore, prophesy is unfolding right before our eyes! Miracles At Mount Sinai: Prophesy Unfolding is part III of the continuation of the testimony of my visit to Mount Sinai in March 2023 and the events following. In fact, the first of the testimonies begin in Miracles At Mount Sinai: The Covenant and part II is the Miracles At Mount Sinai: The Healing


To recap: I journeyed to Saudi Arabia in March of 2023 along with several others associated with Benai Emunah on a tour led by Dr. Miles R. Jones. The third day that we visited the Mountain of God, called Jabal al’Lawz, Mount Sinai. I took part in the wedding ceremony that joined Dr. and Mrs. Jones and the children of Israel to Yehovah. As part of that ceremony, we committed to do all that Yehovah tells us to do – echoing the covenant first presented over 3,500 years ago in Exodus 19:5-6.

During the ceremony, clouds began to gather over the mountain, and eventually covered the sky resulting in a downpour of rain.

Miracle At Mount Sinai – The Covenant Ceremony.

Hail And Snow At Mount Sinai

Shortly after heavy rains began, hail began to fall. Our driver had difficulty dealing with the driving conditions as these are not typical in that region.

David and Janice Baca react to hail at Mount Sinai

That same night, the extreme weather miracle continued with snow covering Mount Sinai.

Snow at Mount Sinai
Snow at Mount Sinai. Photographer visiting Mount Sinai: unknown.

As you can imagine, these extreme weather events captured a great deal of attention around the world. In fact, members of our team discovered that the typical rainfall in the Tabuk Region of Saudi Arabia is approximately 33.5mm (1.32″) each year. It appears the average yearly number was exceeded in one single day on March 14, 2023, the day of the covenant ceremony!

Also, on March 14, 2023, extreme rain and flooding began in Southwest Saudi Arabia.

Was this a coincidence or a prophetic event? I don’t know. But if this were the only event, I wouldn’t be so moved as much as what occurred yesterday (May 31, 2023). One of our team members received videos and photos from Steve Parks showing a stream of water collecting at Mount Sinai near the altar Moses built!

As you can imagine, this is a very rare event. It is unknown when this happened last, but it certainly hasn’t happened in modern times!

Yehovah Is Doing A New Thing

There are a number of questions running through my mind: Are these prophetic events pointing to the end of days? Could it be Yehovah preparing to pour out his Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) upon all of the earth (Joel 2:32). Is this the “new thing” prophesied by Isaiah?

“See, I am doing what is new, let it now spring forth. Do you not know it? I am even making a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Yeshayah (Isaiah) 43:19 TS2009

It certainly is a new thing to have flooding in the desert of Saudi Arabia. Miracles At Mount Sinai – Prophesy Unfolding appears to be a clear message from Yehovah of these end of days prophetic events.

Freedom For Yehovah’s People

Yet, I also find it interesting that on day one of our trip to Mount Sinai, one of our teams blew the Ram’s horn Keith Johnson hid on the mountain. Isn’t it interesting that in Exodus 19 there are two different horns blown at Mount Sinai? In verse 13, there is the description of the Yovel (יֹּבֵל). Yet, in verse 19, there is the shofar (שּׁוֹפָר) blast. Why the yovel? Because the yovel is the Ram horn blast of the Jubilee! Jubilee is the symbol of Yehovah’s people being set free from slavery!

‘Not a hand is to touch it, but he shall certainly be stoned or shot with an arrow, whether man or beast, he shall not live.’ When the Yoḇel sounds long, let them come near the mountain. Exodus 19:13 Emphasis mine.

The Early Rains vs The Latter Rains

Let’s face it. We want to see Yehovah move. We want to see our enemies scattered, bodies healed, and the dead raised. If these weather events are an indication of the outpouring of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), then when will this occur? Consider a few notes from Michael Rood.

“Yeshua will prophesy that he will be the source of the outpouring of the Spirit which Joel prophesies. Yeshua also interprets the prophetic significance of the Fall Feasts of the LORD and cryptically states that the latter rain outpouring will transpire on the Last Great Day (event <130>). He, the sent one, will fill his obedient followers with that living water after he goes to where “they cannot follow.”1

“Yeshua was prophetically proclaiming the future reality of the latter rain – or the double portion of the Holy Spirit that will transpire during the future fulfillment of the Fall Feasts  of Yehovah” “….but the notation lacked  the full detail that the early rain would transpire as a fulfillment of the Spring Feasts of Yehovah, on Shavuot, and that this is the prophetic statement by Yeshua is declaring the final fulfillment of the double portion – the latter rain outpouring on the Last Great Day at the conclusion of the Feast of Sukkot. This later outpouring will transpire as an immediate fulfillment of the Fall Feasts of Yehovah in which the 144,000 will participate.”1

After reading Michael Rood’s notes, I wondered if there would be an outpouring of the Ruah HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) during Shavuot and a double outpouring during the last great day? Or would the double outpouring be on the last great day of Sukkot? These are interesting thoughts to consider.

Are We On The Correct Calendar?

Another key point I want to mention is that when the beginning of the Hebrew new year began, it was debated if the barley was aviv or if there should be a 13th month. Consider the following statement from Devorah’s Date Tree newsletter sent in April 16, 2023:

“Yes, that’s a lot of rain. And I can tell you that in Jerusalem, it was cold, windy, and pouring. Not drizzling, not raining, POURING… for days! The magnitude of the rain was definitely a shock to those who came to Israel to celebrate Chag HaMatzot last week, but less so for those of us who live here, as although we had a few nice days, we were still having heavy rain.” “To me, the downpour we had last week is just further confirmation this isn’t the first month, and points to the importance of determining the beginning of the year based on healthy fields, as opposed to stressed fields.”2

All About The Rain

Additionally, May 2, 2023, Devorah’s Date Tree sent a newsletter further stressing the new year began a month later.

“I also don’t always share when I will be beginning the year, but this year I have stated that I was planning on, and in fact did, begin the year with the New Moon Observation on April 21, 2023.For me it mostly came down to the rain. I think we were very much still in the rainy season last month, and I’m not saying that it can’t rain in the first month, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be as cold, and raining as hard, and as much, as it did last month. I also don’t think we should just ignore the fact that we had torrential rains for days over what would have been Chag HaMaztot (Feast of Unleavened Bread), when the men would travel to, and camp at, the Temple.”3

Adjusted Calendar

If Devorah Gordon is correct, then Shavuot would begin at sundown on June 24th to sundown June 25, 2023. Should we anticipate any significant events on that date? It is something to ponder.

Also consider a teaching Steve Moutria from gave on the importance of the dates between the second Passover to Shavuot. Steve argues that the seals of Revelation could be broken on the 27th day of the second month.4 Yet, if Devorah’s Date Tree is correct, the second Passover is tomorrow evening (Saturday, June 3, 2023). And the 27th day of the second month would begin sundown June 15th to sundown June 16th. Lastly, that would push Shavuot to sundown June 24th to sundown June 25th. These are all interesting possibilities when considering the extreme weather events.

The Third Day

Despite the debated feast day dates, the covenant ceremony, ongoing rains, snow, floods, and springs of fresh water in the desert of Saudi Arabia seem to hint of the prophesy spoken in Hosea 6:1-3 when, “on the third day”, Yehovah shall raise us up.

“Come, and let us turn back to Yehovah. For He has torn but He does heal us, He has stricken but He binds us up. ‘After two days He shall revive us, on the third day He shall raise us up, so that we live before Him. ‘So let us know, let us pursue to know Yehovah. His going forth is as certain as the morning. And He comes to us like the rain, like the latter rain watering the earth.’” Hosea 6:1-3 Emphasis Mine. 

Prophesies Unfolding

How close are we to the return of Yeshua, our Messiah? I don’t know. But the miracles at Mount Sinai seem to appear as prophesies unfolding. And I anticipate his return soon for the prophesies tell us there will be streams and pools forming in the desert as a sign of these end of days.

“For I pour water on the thirsty, and floods on the dry ground. I pour My Spirit on your seed, and My blessing on your offspring, and they shall spring up among the grass like willows by streams of water.’”
Yeshayah (Isaiah) 44:3-4 TS2009
“And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water – in the home for jackals, where each lay, grass with reeds and rushes.”
Yeshayah (Isaiah) 35:7 TS2009
“I open rivers on bare hills, and fountains in the midst of valleys; I make a wilderness become a pool of water, and a dry land springs of water.” Yeshayah (Isaiah) 41:18 TS2009

The Miracles Continue

In conclusion, it is clear Yehovah is doing a new thing and miracles continue at Mount Sinai. The fullness of all that is happening is not clear at this time. However, these remarkable weather events should be carefully monitored. Also, there is no doubt Yehovah is calling his people to repent and turn back to him. Miracles At Mount Sinai: Prophesy Unfolding is only the beginning of a series of blogs regarding the miracles of Mount Sinai, I’m sure. Because as long as we see remarkable events such as these, it is essential we take notice and bring everything to prayer. Continue monitoring the blogs at for further details and be encouraged.

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Janice Baca is the Benai Emunah Gospel Translation Team Manager who leads the transcription and translations of the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) into English, while maintaining the integrity of the core message of the New Testament authors. Janice is a Biblical Hebrew scholar trained at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies in Jerusalem, Israel.

Janice’s passion for Biblical truth led her on the journey to learn Biblical Hebrew, ancient writings, Hebrew linguistics, and Biblical Hebrew poetry and wisdom writings.

Janice Baca is known for her passion to find the mysteries contained in the grammar of Biblical Hebrew.

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