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Miracles At Mount Sinai: The Healing

Janice Baca
Handkerchiefs at altar of Mount Sinai

Miracles began at Mount Sinai but did not stop there – they followed us home! Miracles At Mount Sinai: The Healing is a continuation of the testimony of my visit to Mount Sinai in March of 2023 and begins in the Miracles At Mount Sinai: The Covenant.

The Miracle Storm Continued

To recap: I journeyed to Saudi Arabia in March of 2023 along with several others associated with Benai Emunah on a tour led by Dr. Miles R. Jones. The third day that we visited the Mountain of God, called Jebel al’Lawz, Mount Sinai, I took part in the wedding ceremony that joined Dr. and Mrs. Jones. As part of that ceremony, we committed to do all that Yehovah tells us to do – echoing the covenant first presented over 3,500 years ago in Exodus 19:5-6.

During the ceremony, clouds began to gather over the mountain, and eventually covered the sky resulting in a downpour of rain. The great storm from Mount Sinai followed us to Tabuk. The storm raged outside our hotel, and we watched as Yehovah continued to proclaim through the storm that he heard his children’s vows. I watched in awe as Yehovah caught the attention of every man, woman, and child, in Saudi Arabia. Could the storm be symbolic of Yehovah cleansing us?

The next morning, a Saudi man next to David on our Jeddah flight and shared photos of snow that fell at Mount Sinai! Yehovah continued with great wonders! A deluge of rain, hail and now snow! Wow!

Snow at Mount Sinai
Snow at Jabal al Lawz Mountain Range
Snow at Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai snow by unknown photographer visiting Mount Sinai at time of event

Handkerchief Ministry

As I prepared for my journey to Mount Sinai, my dear friend, Maria asked that a white handkerchief be upon Mount Sinai for the healing of her blind eyes, and this idea went viral! Between the group members, we brought a little under 200 handkerchiefs to touch the mountain of Yehovah! Names were either written, embroidered, or left blank for all who would receive and touch a handkerchief. I spent weeks embroidering names on each handkerchief. And, for the extra handkerchiefs, I embroidered the name of Yehovah!

When I arrived at Mount Yehovah, I, and others in my party, carefully place the handkerchiefs on and among the rocks of the altar believed to have been built by Moses. We praised Yehovah and prayed over these small tokens – asking for miracles like those that followed Paul.

A small sampling of songs played at the alter Moses built.

And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them. (Acts 19:11-12)

I carefully placed sands from the peak (courtesy of my own beloved David) and the altar of Mount Sinai in individual baggies along with the anointed handkerchiefs. On my return, I mailed handkerchiefs to friends and family. Although my own family is a little uncertain about my faith, they were excited to receive handkerchiefs. In fact, I consider their excitement a miracle because a prophet is not a prophet in his hometown.1 Yet, my brother and sister quickly mailed handkerchiefs to those in need.

Handkerchief Ministry
A closeup of one of the handkerchiefs from Mount Sinai

After watching a video of a man previously paralyzed and healed by an anointed handkerchief, (not mine) I felt a renewal of faith and diligently prayed Yehovah would bless the handkerchiefs of Mount Sinai for healing and deliverance.2 I encouraged family and friends to place the handkerchiefs on their sick bodies every day.


Since then, I have received news almost daily of miracles of Yehovah’s healings and deliverance. The first I heard of was of a young lady who had developed blood clots throughout her body from side effects of the Covid-19 shots. After trying everything, the surgeons determined that the only thing that could be done was to amputate her arm as it was dying. But Yehovah had something else in mind. Prior to surgery, one of the handkerchiefs from Mount Sinai was delivered to her hospital room. The blood clots dissolved, and she was discharged a two days later! Praise Yehovah!!!!!

Blind Eyes Healed!

The next miracle is with my dear friend Maria who was the one who originall requested the anointed handkerchief. Maria has been legally blind for years. In fact, prior to receiving the handkerchiefs, she could only see dark shadows. People appeared as dark silhouettes with lighter shadows behind them. If she had a good day, she would put her iPhone Bible app on the highest magnification to display two large words at a time along with her 600x magnification magnifying glass. She has not been able to even see the face of her beloved husband. Some time after receiving the handkerchief, he came face to face to her, and she was able to see his face for the first time in years! Can you imagine how she felt when she saw her husband’s face? And her vision continues to improve.

Maria wasn’t the only one to experience Yehovah’s hand. Her husband, Camillo, had stroke-like symptoms. Maria immediately placed the anointed handkerchief on her husband and called me for prayer. The ambulance took Camillo, along with his handkerchief, to the hospital. He had lost all cognitive function, mobility, memory, and bladder control. Also, he was unable to grasp with his hands, lift his arms, and he had difficulty breathing. Yet, a few hours after arriving at the hospital, Camillo suddenly regained cognitive function, memory, mobility, bladder control, and no longer required oxygen! In fact, they found no signs of stroke on the MRI. He was discharged the following day!

Diabetes Healed!

Another testimony was from a man who diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He was taking a great deal of insulin to control his blood sugar and had been for 9 years. In fact, he was taking the highest dose of Metformin allowed by law along with insulin. However, in March he received a handkerchief and things began to change. A series of events showed him that his body now had better blood sugar control and that the blood sugar levels were dropping. He now only requires a small dose of insulin in the evening and his blood sugar decreased to near normal!

Burning Hands!

Lastly, I received a testimony of a man who felt burning in his hand when he touched the handkerchief. I laughed because two of the songs we played at the altar was Paul Wilbur’s, Let the Fire Fall and Burn in Me!

It is exciting to witness these miracles! People are so encouraged, they are cutting their handkerchiefs into pieces and passing them to others. The Acts 19:11-12 testimonies are being experienced today!

"And Elohim worked unusual miracles through the hands of Sha’ul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them, and the wicked spirits went out of them." Acts 19:11-12.

The Miracles Continue For You

Remember though – it is not the handkerchiefs that bring about the miracles – they are only small tokens. However, you don’t need a token for Yehovah’s miracles. For it is Yehovah who does the work! Friends, the miracles didn’t end at Mount Sinai; they began at Mount Sinai. And as I have proven, the miracles continue today. This blog, Miracles At Mount Sinai: The Healing testifies of the miracle work Yehovah is doing in his people. And as you rededicate your life to Yehovah in obedience, you too will see miracles in your own life! If you are experiencing miracles, please share your testimony in the comments below.

1 Luke 4:24

2 Sid Roth. It’s Supernatural. Video link:

About The Author
Janice Baca

Janice Baca is the Benai Emunah Gospel Translation Team Manager who leads the transcription and translations of the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) into English, while maintaining the integrity of the core message of the New Testament authors. Janice is a Biblical Hebrew scholar trained at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies in Jerusalem, Israel.

Janice’s passion for Biblical truth led her on the journey to learn Biblical Hebrew, ancient writings, Hebrew linguistics, and Biblical Hebrew poetry and wisdom writings.

Janice Baca is known for her passion to find the mysteries contained in the grammar of Biblical Hebrew.

3 responses to “Miracles At Mount Sinai: The Healing”

  1. Janice Baca says:

    A friend in our assembly received a handkerchief and this is her testimony she gave today:

    “Testimony with the handkerchief you gave me, Janice.

    Ethan spiked a HIGH fever randomly today and a bad headache. He suddenly woke up writhing in pain and saying his legs were burning. I prayed over him, and nothing had changed. This went on for over an hour. I remembered the handkerchief and I ran to get it. As soon as it touched him, I felt led to rebuke the spirit of infirmity and immediately his fever broke. No sweat or anything, his body temp just went straight back to normal. He popped up and said “I’m hungry. Can I have tea? I want a banana…” 🤣 he’s on the recliner resting but he is completely fine compared to what was happening.

    Earlier this week too Claire had a similar experience. She slept with the handkerchief on her stomach and woke up healed.”

  2. Juli Ocean says:

    This is an amazing testimony! Sharing!

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