Renew Your Vows This Shavuot

In the third new moon after the children of Yisra’ĕl had come out of the land of Mitsrayim, on this day they came to the Wilderness of Sinai. – Exodus 19:1

In March 2023, Dr. Miles Jones and his team went to visit the Mountain of God, Mt. Sinai. While there, he had the exciting opportunity to make wedding vows not just to his bride, Catherine Jones, but also make wedding vows with Yehovah. This is the same ceremony that the Israelites participated in about 3500 years ago!

We want you to participate in this same ceremony. The same Ketubah (writing of marriage vows) that Dr. Jones has used in his ceremony has been shared for you to be able to participate as well. While the exact date of when the Commandments were shouted from the mountain and the marriage covenant between Yehovah and his people is not known, it is generally believed to be at the time of Shavuot. This is an amazing opportunity to be able to participate in the same ceremony that the Israelites participated in, and is a wonderful way to celebrate the Feast of Shavuot!

How To Celebrate

Whether you are with a local fellowship, at home, or traveling to be with others, here is an order of service that you can use to celebrate your wedding vows to Yehovah this Shavuot (with some additional fun ideas thrown in):

  • Read the Ketubah out loud: This is a must! You must speak out what you are agreeing to in this covenant. There is no fine print here!

  • Everyone agree to the terms: There are three times in the Ketubah where it says “All that Yehovah has said we shall do…” Everyone must say this part out loud as part of their vows.

  • Repent and ask forgiveness: We have all broken this covenant already. As seen in Deuteronomy 30, Yehovah desires that we repent and turn back to him. We must ask for forgiveness of our sins (1 John 1:9) and choose to walk according to His commands as part of our covenant vows.

  • Take the covenant meal: As Yeshua stated in Matthew 26:26-28, the bread and wine/juice are the meal of the covenant. We must make sure that we are examining our hearts and taking this after repenting and asking forgiveness (1 Corinthians 11:27-32).

  • Sign the Ketubah: After you have completed the ceremony, sign your Ketubah. Make sure you have two witnesses to sign as well.

Optional Ideas
  • Dress nice: People dress up and look nice for their wedding to their spouse. Dress in your wedding clothes (if they still fit), dress like royalty, or dress like an Israelite in the wilderness who just left Egypt with all their gold!

  • Plan a full meal: Israelites are known for great food at all of their feasts. You may already have food planned for Shavuot. Take it up a notch and make it a celebratory wedding meal.

  • Include friends and family: On the Ketubah, there is a spot for 2 witnesses to sign. Include your family and friends in this, not just as a witness for you, but for them to participate and you can be their witness as well.

  • Worship: Get out some speakers and play some music. Grab a shofar and let your praises ring. This is a joyful time and should be celebrated.

  • Decorate: What party doesn’t include some decorations. Whether you have flowers, balloons, or streamers stashed away, anything will work. Make your environment memorable.