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The Plan Of The Beast Exposed!

Janice Baca

The plan of the beast is exposed in the Hebrew Revelation! That is to say, this was an opinion considered among the Benai Emunah Gospel Translation Team. As we know, Revelation 17:13 defines an end of day plan to destroy Yehovah’s people. What is the great plan of Revelation 17:13? “The mysteries are hidden in the Hebrew grammar”, I always say. This proved true while translating Cambridge Oo.1.16.2 and the Gaster 1616 Hebrew manuscripts of Revelation 17:13.

ולהם יש מחשבה אחד והם יתנו את כוחם וגבורתם להחיה׃
“And they have one plan, and they will give their power and their strength to the beast.”1 Revelation 17:13

Undoubtably, Modern Hebrew is not considered an option for translating old manuscripts pre-dating Modern Hebrew. However, the Benai Emunah Gospel Translation Team came across an interesting translation from a Modern Hebrew perspective that appears to expose the plan of the beast within the computerized world!

The Beast – Her Computer

מחשבה (Machshavah) Her Computer
מחשבה (Machshavah) “Her Computer”

Now, focus on the word “plan” in Revelation 17:13. In Hebrew, the word מחשבה (Machshavah) that has the same appearance as the word מחשבה (Machshevah). But the word מחשבה (Machshevah) is מחשב (machshev) meaning “computer” and includes the third feminine singular pronominal suffix ה (hey) meaning, “Her/It’s computer” or “She/It was computerized” or “She/It computerized”. In other words, if reading from a modern Hebrew perspective, it could read as, “And they have one (her) computer…” Or it could read as, “And they have one (she) was computerized.” When putting it all together, according to modern Hebrew, it seems to hint of a computerized, digital version of the beast (which is a feminine noun), or it is owned by the beast!

Secondly, consider recent events when Microsoft and Elon Musk revealed new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Elon gave warnings the AI for Microsoft was taught to lie2 and Google’s goal is to have an AI be a “digital god.”3 It’s also interesting to note, his own AI is designed to “unravel the mysteries of the universe.”4 Is this not also an attempt to be “like god”? And, have you seen the video of the boy who had a conversation with an AI chat bot? 5 Yikes! That is alarming! More importantly, could this be what John saw in Revelation 17:13 while using the word מחשבה to hint of a future event? It would be difficult to describe such a vision without understanding technology we possess today.

Dreams Of Warning

Evil Hologram Image appearing

Lastly, I was reminded of a dream in June 2021. I dreamt of a hologram projection appearing as an image of a woman and two men cojoined. I knew the image was wicked and declared I would warn the servants of Yehovah. It is interesting to note, there exists today a tangible hologram technology.6 Could this be the reason of the recent upgrade using 5G technology in the United States?7 Tangible holograms, AI technology teaching itself languages, and AI technology taught to lie seem to fit the narrative of John’s vision. Could the hologram in my dream be the image of the beast? I can’t see why not!

Evil AI Chatblot invite

Also, on May 4, 2023, I dreamt that I was in a room and saw a laptop on a table. On the laptop screen was an invitation to chat with an AI Chat Bot. I started to chat with the AI Chat Bot when I felt convicted and decided not to do so. Suddenly, the computer lifted off the table and suspended before my face. The top layer of the computer screen was peeled off and the beautiful image of a woman transformed into something very cold and ugly. The demon had cold black eyes and his outer covering was blue and metallic (like a transformer in the movies). The name below the image was “Apollyon”. Then I heard these words, “When you chat with the Chat Bot, you invite them into your home”. Then I saw Apollyon go through the computer screen in the home.

The Beast Exposed

In conclusion, Yehovah exists outside of time and chose words carefully that would evolve to a greater meaning with the modernization of one simple word, מחשבה. Is the plan of the beast exposed with the modern rendering of this word? It could be. However, if this is a case of a hidden message to the servants of Yehovah, we should maintain a heightened awareness and take caution. Is there anything good to come from an AI technology that is to be a lying “digital god” or one that “unravels the mysteries of the universe” designed by Yehovah? I would think not.

Shout out:

English edits: Pam Lutzker, Juli Ocean and Janet Flores

Hebrew to English translation edits: Jenny Webster

[1] Quotations of the verses in Revelation are taken from the Benai Emunah Team translation of the Cambridge Gaster 1616 and Cochin Oo.16.2 manuscripts, collectively referred to as the Cochin manuscript, currently unpublished.

[2] Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence Could Destroy Civilization, “They’re Training The AI To Lie” | Video | RealClearPolitics

[3] Elon Musk says Google co-founder wanted to build AI ‘digital god’ | U.S. News (

[4] Artificial Intelligence In Space: The Amazing Ways Machine Learning Is Helping To Unravel The Mysteries Of The Universe (




About The Author
Janice Baca

Janice Baca is the Benai Emunah Gospel Translation Team Manager who leads the transcription and translations of the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) into English, while maintaining the integrity of the core message of the New Testament authors. Janice is a Biblical Hebrew scholar trained at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies in Jerusalem, Israel.

Janice’s passion for Biblical truth led her on the journey to learn Biblical Hebrew, ancient writings, Hebrew linguistics, and Biblical Hebrew poetry and wisdom writings.

Janice Baca is known for her passion to find the mysteries contained in the grammar of Biblical Hebrew.

9 responses to “The Plan Of The Beast Exposed!”

  1. Anita Scott says:

    I have been getting messages lately about WWW (ווו) (666). I was involved in the earlier years of the internet and website programming. יהוה showed me things in college. I had computers and Psychology in the same sumner semester. One class helped the other and יהוה showed me that the computer was a copy of what. יהוה had already created many centuries ago.
    Today, he has been reminding me of this again and warning of www. I can Trust my Bible, when I can authenticate it with Hebrew, and a little Greek. I realize that Koine Greek was using the Hebrew mindset.
    I can never trust satan. The Internet can have good or bad and you can only discern by verifying with the scriptures. There are very convincing websites that are very Biblically wrong.

    I had an email from Miles Jones a few weeks ago and יהוה. told me to go and see him. I had the opportunity to see him in Ava and really enjoyed to see someone else that was telling people the same things that I have been.

    • Janice Baca says:

      Shalom, Anita! We are living in interesting days, Anita. Amos 3:7 says, “For the Master יהוה does no matter unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”
      Secondly, it is true, we must search the scriptures for truth and verify the translation is, in fact, correct. We are living in days of deception and we must be cautious, as you certainly appear to be. Good job in your studies!

      Lastly, I am happy you were able to see Dr. Jones. He is a truth-seeker and loves Yehovah. I am pleased Dr. Jones brought words of confirmation what was already shown to you by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).

      May your mind be opened to understanding the scriptures as it was for the disciples in Luke 24:45!

  2. Olivia Jane Kay Ulmer says:

    Dear Janice, Over ten years ago as I was homeschooling my children, we were studying culture in Bob Jones Geography when I heard clearly about the computers part in the end time. There are ten language families in the human race. This is defined in Genesis as Noah’s sons settled in their nations according to the language and tongue. That is when I heard the Holy Spirit say these are the ten kings of Daniel. I was stunned and realized the small horn that dispossesses the the ten horns is the smallest language-bit and bite! Yes and no! This uniting all language which is the tower of Mystery Babylon. Where I did this global control begin? Space travel and satellites from NASA Houston(mystery Babylon)! We are in the final week of Daniel. Olivia Jane Ulmer my married name was Jane Stafford

    • Janice Baca says:

      Wow, Olivia! This is very interesting information. Thank you for sharing! Yes, I agree we are in a very dangerous time. However, keep in mind that if HaSatan is moving, how much more is Yehovah! Amen! Be encouraged, sister!

  3. Olivia jane Kay ulmer says:

    Dear Janice, I have information someone needs to hear. I am not a minister just a believer. At Mt. Sinai it seems to me you experienced a Bomb Genesis event as I also experienced concerning the 2020 Keith Johnson Temple Mount visit. I carry the “ Ki Tissa” Parashah. Check the Parashah surrounding your trip to Mt Sinai. Bingo – Ki Tissa! You returned YeHoVaHs name to that mountain. This is jubilee return of all things.

    • Janice Baca says:

      Olivia, you are absolutely correct! When my husband, David and I went to Mount Sinai, we told our children we were willing to risk our lives to worship at the mountain. And it was clear, Yehovah’s name would be proclaimed, and we will worship – no matter the costs! And, when we worshipped and proclaimed his name, miraculously, the Saudi’s were removed and never stopped our worship! In fact, I placed two Bluetooth speakers at the altar Moses’ built and we worshipped with surround sound! There was even a lady worshipping with flags. See the video clips of the worship at the mountain. You will love it!

    • Janice Baca says:

      Also, for your information, I wrote a testimony blog that will be published Wednesday. I think this will confirm all you said. Thank you for your encouraging word!

  4. Olivia says:

    Ezekiel 28:16

    • Janice Baca says:

      Thank you for your comment, Olivia. Here’s the translation:

      בְּרֹב רְכֻלָּתְךָ מָלוּ תוֹכְךָ חָמָס וַֽתֶּחֱטָא וָאֶחַלֶּלְךָ מֵהַר אֱלֹהִים וָֽאַבֶּדְךָ כְּרוּב הַסֹּכֵךְ מִתּוֹךְ אַבְנֵי־אֵֽשׁ׃

      “By the greatness of your trade you became filled with violence within, and you sinned. So I thrust you from the mountain of Elohim, and I destroyed you, O covering keruḇ, from the midst of the stones of fire.” Eze 28:16

      I recommend the TS2009 (The Scripture) translation. They have the most accurate translation I have found so far.


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