Announcing the Writing of God Teaching Series

We are so happy to announce our upcoming Writing of God Teaching Series! This is a program for serious scholars whether they be lay believers, home schoolers, or university students. It is a kit with DVDs, comprising 18 lessons (11 minutes each), a textbook (The Writing of God), and a Study Journal plus some extras. After completing the course you will receive a graduation certificate. Included in this course is all the filming we did on-site at Mount Sinai in Arabia, all the evidence of the Exodus, and in-studio presentation and discussion of the importance of this evidence, and how to discourse and debate.

Contesting the Exodus is the major weapon the universities use to strip our children of their faith. They deny the timeline of the Bible which says the Exodus happened in the 15th century BC.

Not so, the secularists insist. The Exodus happened in the 13th century BC and one must look there for any evidence. If you take the secularist bait then you will find no evidence of the Exodus. However, if you look in the biblical timeline of the 15th century BC there is an overwhelming amount of evidence.

Learn how to establish the biblical timeline is the correct chronology of history. It is not enough to know these things. One must be prepared to discourse and debate the evidence. That is what we will teach you in the Writing of God Teaching Series!

Nothing could be more important. The faith of the next generation depends upon it. The science is all on our side. The text and Study Journal is designed to train you in understanding and explaining that scientific evidence.

The Writing of God Teaching Course is $350
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