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Miracles At Mount Sinai: The Covenant

Janice Baca
Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia. Courtesy of Bryan Williams

In Fall 2022, Dr. Miles Jones determined to return to Mount Sinai to seek more evidence of the earliest alphabet, written on stone. Along with a video crew and his fiancée Catherine Stewart, several members of Benai Emunah joined him on a journey that would result in Miracles at Mount Sinai: The Covenant. A page dedicated to the miracles that members of the group experienced can be found at Miracles at Mount Sinai (Coming Soon).  The following is an eyewitness of that account by Janice Baca. 


Having a deep desire to go to Mount Sinai and, in October 2022, I prayed, “Abba, please make a way for us to go to Mount Sinai.” Yehovah heard my petition. On November 3rd, my husband, David, and I were gifted with all expenses paid trip to Mount Sinai, joining Dr. Miles Jones, his fiancée Catherine – a total of 35 people.

During my regular morning prayer time, I saw a vision of Esther coming before the king. Why was I given this vision? Then I realized – Purim was approaching.  Could it be around the time we were going to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia1? I was shocked to discover that not only would it be taking place at the time of our trip, but we were scheduled to climb Mount Sinai on the third day of Purim. The same day that Esther presented herself to the king!

Going Before The King

I called Catherine and shared the exciting news. Catherine said, “Janice, what is the Torah portion for that week?” I responded, “Catherine, what is the Torah portion for that day?” Incredibly, the Torah portion during our visit to Mount Sinai was Exodus 33:17-23 – the passage describing what happened when Moses asked Yehovah to see his glory!

'And he said, “You cannot see my face: for no one can see me, and live…Behold, there is a place by me and you will stand on a rock and when my glory passed by, I will put you in a cleft of the rock, and will cover you with my hand while I pass by…” (Exodus 33:20-22)

He passed by, Moses saw His glory, granting his request! Was this a sign that miracles would happen when we, too, came to Mount Sinai? As I shared my excitement with the group, others decided to join me in fasting and prayer even as Esther’s people joined her. We were preparing to go before Yehovah at Mount Sinai.

The Power Songs – The Mizmorim

Excitement began to build and spread throughout the volunteers of Benai Emunah Institute and the Mount Sinai group as the time approached. At the same time, that these preparations were going forward, another team formed at Benai Emunah. This team, led by John Reed Austin, was focused on restoring the original songs – the Mizmorim. They completed the first song, Psalms 24. Jonathan Felt quickly organized a choir made of volunteers from all over the world who added their voices to the recording of Psalm 24 completed by the Mizmorim team to be played at Mount Sinai.

On March 8th, we arrived at the foot of Mount Sinai. We settled in our tents and ate the evening meal. The Saudis set up a karaoke speaker expecting to play Saudi secular music. However, our group had a different idea. We gathered singers, dancers, Bluetooth speakers, tambourines, thumb pianos and raced outside the camp to worship Yehovah! With surround-sound speakers at the entrance of our tent compound, we worshipped, danced, and sang Mizmor 24, and songs by Paul Wilbur, Joshua Aaron, Elevation Worship, and more. We worshipped over an hour and a half! And not one person stopped our worship!

Day 1 At Mount Sinai – Day Of Praise

The following day, team members climbed to the plateau, Elijah’s cave, and the peak of Mount Sinai. Climbing the peak was not part of Father’s plan for me; it was my day to worship at the altar! Thus, I opened my Bible and read my favorite scriptures aloud for well over an hour. After Dr. Jones finished a video recording at the altar, Stephanie and Garvin Shiflet helped me place sixty white handkerchiefs upon the altar. We also placed surround-sound speakers at the altar and worshipped, danced, and sang – loudly and boldly! Nearby, one woman worshipped with flags.

As we worshipped at the altar, we heard to sound of a shofar blast in the distance. Someone on the team found the shofar hidden by Keith Johnson. The joy of the Spirit bubbled up within me and I shouted the name of Yehovah three times boldly! Not only did I shout the name of Yehovah, but his name was proclaimed from the plateau, at the peak and in Elijah’s cave! It was my own beloved husband, David, who shouted from the peak. This is probably the first time Yehovah’s name has been shouted from Mount Sinai in 3,500 years!

Not once did we look over our shoulders in fear. In fact, our American tour guide said she looked for the Saudis and realized they were nowhere to be found!

Day 2 Mount Sinai – Preparation Began

Our tour continued, bringing us to the Yom Suph in Haql. While there, Catherine shared that Dr. Jones asked her to marry him at Mount Sinai – and she agreed whole-heartedly! Thus, the wedding planning began.

I helped with the wedding preparations and remembered the covenant Yehovah presented at Mount Sinai is often presented as a wedding. Indeed, the Jewish wedding ceremony is based on those events – including a chuppah (covering) to represent the cloud covering and presence of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and a Ketubah, the writing setting out the terms of the covenant. Wouldn’t this be the perfect time for each of us to stand before Yehovah and make our own commitments to God of the Mountain – at the same time Dr. and the future Mrs. Jones make their wedding vows before Yehovah?

We asked if they were willing to share their wedding with us, representing the people of Yehovah, those who would be the bride of the Messiah. Without hesitation, they proclaimed, “Yes!” Knowing that it was not advisable to bring anything Hebraic – especially a tallit to use as a chuppah – we prayed Yehovah would cover us with his clouds, his chuppah, as he did for the children of Israel in the wilderness.

Day 3 Mount Sinai – The Wedding

The third day we were at Mount Sinai, we stood once more at the place of Moses’ altar. Because this was holy ground, we removed our shoes. We noticed a small cloud above the mountaintop and rejoiced that Yehovah had provided the covering. Little did we know…

The Small Cloud Over Our Heads
The Small Cloud Over Our Heads

Various scriptures from Exodus were declared and three times, we proclaimed we would do all Yehovah commanded us to do. This was a reenactment of the momentous occasion 3,500 years ago, when our ancestors did the same.

During the covenant ceremony of the children of Israel, Dr. and the future Mrs. Jones shared their vows. At the conclusion, we were asked to forgive and repent of our sins prior to partaking of the covenant meal. After taking crackers and juice, we signed our Ketubahs. Each person requested signatures from the other. It was a glorious site to see the zeal to complete the ketubah witness! But interestingly, Catherine counted twelve witnesses. We didn’t realize it, but some of the group left for Tabuk! Undoubtably, the twelve witnesses represented all those who were not able to attend but were represented!

The Great Storm

On our walk to the vehicles, the small cloud grew larger, and we felt a sprinkle on our cheeks. In the parking lot, we ate and watched as the clouds grew dark. We were amazed at this miracle!

We began to hear thunder and see lightning. Catherine and I sang praises to Yehovah and filmed our praise. It began to sprinkle, and as we reached our cars, it became a deluge of rain! Lightning and thunder in the distance came closer and the clouds grew darker and surrounded the demarcation line on Mount Sinai!

Catherine and Janice Rejoicing!

The Third Day!

David asked, “Janice what day is this?” I said, it is Tuesday. Then he asked, “How many times have we been here?” I said, “This is the third day!” Wow! Not only were we at Mount Sinai renewing our vows on the third day of the week, but we are also on our third visit to Mount Sinai!

"And it came to be, on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud on the mountain. And a voice of a shophar was very strong, and all the people who were in the camp trembled." Numbers 19:16

As a matter of fact, we were in the camp of the children of Israel! Wow! The only thing that would have made this event more powerful was to hear the voice of Yehovah!

Slowly we drove from the camp and the rain became so heavy, our driver was overwhelmed. We laughed because he was filming the storm with his phone and driving at the same time. But if all this wasn’t enough, a few moments later it began hailing and the ground turned white like snow! Yehovah performed a miracle for us!

Our phone service failed, leaving Catherine and I struggling to call each other. Yet, when our cars aligned, we proclaimed in unison, “Yehovah heard us! He heard us!”

Stay Tuned – More To Come!

Be encouraged brothers and sisters. The miracles at Mount Sinai are also for you as you make your covenant with Yehovah! Miracles At Mount Sinai: The Covenant is a great testimony of Yehovah moving in his people. Stay tuned for my next blog post, Miracles At Mount Sinai – The Healing for the miracles that followed and continue today!

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About The Author
Janice Baca

Janice Baca is the Benai Emunah Gospel Translation Team Manager who leads the transcription and translations of the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) into English, while maintaining the integrity of the core message of the New Testament authors. Janice is a Biblical Hebrew scholar trained at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies in Jerusalem, Israel.

Janice’s passion for Biblical truth led her on the journey to learn Biblical Hebrew, ancient writings, Hebrew linguistics, and Biblical Hebrew poetry and wisdom writings.

Janice Baca is known for her passion to find the mysteries contained in the grammar of Biblical Hebrew.

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